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Tom Roszko and The Ultimate Go-Anywhere Tiny House Ambulance Conversion

Ethan Waldman interviews Tom Roszko who looking for a movable tiny home option. Vans and school buses are popular conversions and usually spotlighted.

Tom Roszko set his sights on a medium-duty ambulance. Tom discusses why used ambulances actually make a fantastic starting point for a conversion, how to find them, and other tips for a DIY, for a super mobile tiny home.

Tom also shares details about his solar, water, and off-grid living in his home.

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In This Episode:

  • 10 years of living tiny: the quest for the right mobile tiny dwelling
  • The super single tire conversion and the headaches that go along with it
  • How do figure out the existing wiring system and what should be modified or added?
  • Water in and out of an ambulance
  • It’s possible for your tiny house to be propane-free
  • How often does the ambulance go off-road?
  • The fluid process of an ambulance conversion
  • What were the costs associated with the ambulance conversion?
  • Where and how can you find an ambulance?

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