Tiny Houses In The “Other” West – with Renee Randau McLaughlin

To put it succinctly, the majority of the people in the tiny house movement industry don’t actually LIVE in tiny houses. We appreciate them all, of course, but love the opportunity to speak with the few (the brave) who walk the talk. Our guest this week is a lovely tiny house occupant and outgoing entrepreneur who dipped her toes into the event pond in 2017 as the coordinator for Tiny Fest Midwest. And, after learning the proverbial ropes, she’s doing it again in 2018! Inspired by the very movement she is part of, however, she’s not stopping there. This lady with tons of MOJO purchased an OLD diesel truck in Tennessee and is moving her current tiny house, atop said truck, to California where she plans to remove it and replace it with another tiny! Next time you see this tiny enthusiast, make sure to ask her how her cross country trip went. We’ve been watching her trek on Facebook and it looks like fun so far!


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