It’s All Tiny House and Yoga Pants

Where were you when you were 23 years old? Did you have LIFE all figured out? No? We didn’t either. Our guest this week, however, is likely the youngest of our guests and yet no less impressive than the most seasoned of builders. Amanda Archambault (we dare you to pronounce THIS last name without help) is a designer turned passionate tiny house advocate and we have no doubt that she’s on her way to great things. The flexibility of tiny homes on wheels is well known. In addition to being someone’s forever home, they’re used as guest homes, vacation homes, travel homes, mobile bars, and even as mobile churches. Amanda has taken this vision one step further and her project, Pocket Living, is helping small business owners find efficient and affordable space for their craft in, you guessed it, tiny storefronts on wheels. Can’t decide on a theme for your tiny house? Stuck on a color decision? She and her business partners will also help you design the tiny house of your dreams. And just when you thought this too-busy-to-date young woman was too busy for one more project, she also works with a newly formed non-profit who is has launched a Kickstarter campaign to sell yoga pants made by women in crisis. And speaking of “in crisis”, Amanda didn’t skip a beat when she moved to a tornado shelter DURING OUR INTERVIEW amidst the sounds of sirens. Yes, the show must go on; and go on, it did…

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Ron Pickle - May 21, 2017 Reply

I think Amanda has comeup with a brilliant idea, renting out or selling tiny homes to the businesses. I think this idea is going to succeed because businesses, specially startups need an affordable place at the beginning, some of them even rent garages, we know about some famous success stories emanating from garages. I think, the next ‘big one’ might come from one of the tiny homes. - June 5, 2017 Reply

Im very intetested in tiny houses.i have 4 chihuahuas and a african congo parrot.i want a small yard for my babies to play in and im also married too.i hate.carpet and i either want linoleum or hardwood not a fancy person but i want cool in hot summer and warm in the cold winter.i would love.wood heat.that’s it.thanks

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