Thinking Outside the Tiny House Box Jamboree Special Edition #1

Get ready to split your pants with laughter for this week’s irreverent interview with two of the funniest guys in the tiny house movement, Andrew Odom and Deek. These two know each other better than even THEY would like to admit so the banter, questions, answers, rap lyrics, and information is as engaging and funny as it can possibly be. Getting ready for the Jamboree was work, work, work. But this first Special Edition interview at the Jamboree made all the work worth it. Does living in an RV guarantee that one will be immediately and dramatically kicked out of the tiny house “club”? Do either of them regret their lifestyle choices of NOT living in a tiny house? We promise. The only thing that could have made this interview more fun would have been a bottle of bourbon. (Hey! Andrew! For the next interview, YOU’RE BRINGING IT, RIGHT!?)

Click here to see more photos and cliff notes.

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