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January 16, 2020

The Capable Carpenter and Tiny House Repairs and Conversions

The Capable Carpenter also known as Chris Strathy has moved into all types of tiny house buildings.

He built his first tiny house on wheels called “It’s OK To Play” and went on to convert a horse trailer, built a tiny a-frame and has also helped repair damaged tiny homes as well.

Chris likes to use salvaged materials and he has an amazing mobile workshop that he travels most everywhere.

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Ethan interviews Christ and talks over the following questions.

  • Tiny house financing schemes
  • Tiny house remodels
  • What remodeling and repairing tiny houses has taught Chris
  • Which repairs can you expect from moving your tiny house?
  • Be thoughtful when building, but don’t overthink it
  • The Dogghouse- Chris’s workshop on wheels
  • How to make book page floors
  • Chris’s plans for his YouTube channel: some fun stuff coming up!

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