Talking Sh#t With Joe Jenkins Author of the Humanure Handbook

No one can say that Joe doesn’t know his shit because this guy literally wrote the book on it. And, for as much as we thought we knew about composting and composting toilets, as it turns out; we don’t know crap about it. Joe originally had only 600 copies printed of his first edition, and they sold out faster than his pile out back could compost his beloved pet. Poop or pee, urine or feces, he doesn’t care what you call it; just don’t call your “dry toilet” a composting one. Yes, composting humanure is perfectly legal. No, you can’t just pile it in the corner of your garden and HOPE it decomposes. And, yes, you’ll learn more about this very uncomfortable subject listening to this one conversation than you’ll ever want to know. We promise. Click here for cliff notes, etc.

Joe Jenkins

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