Starstruck with Felice Cohen

If you think that living in a 200 square foot tiny house on wheels would be a challenge, consider what it might be like to live in only 90 square feet like our very-famous guest did for 5 years! You seriously don’t want to miss this week’s interview with Felice, an award winning author-blogger-speaker-consultant-and TV Personality. This lady’s got it all! (and we don’t mean just looks and brains.) Felice embodies drive, and creative vision, and focus, and keeps an impressively keen eye on a vision for her minimalistic future. This candid conversation about downsizing and organizing and guilt and stuff even inspired Michelle to take yet another critical look at her growing boot collection. (insert incredulous “gasp!” here!) Do you really need all that stuff? Does Michelle really need over 40 pairs of shoes and boots? Listen in this week and decide for yourself.


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Sandy Samens - April 23, 2017 Reply

I’m looking more toward handicap accessable Tiny home with wheelchair or scooter lift, narrow cabinets, refrigerator, stove and sink to widen aisle

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