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April 23, 2020

Sophia and Henry Jungbauer Rethink the American Dream

Living in a self-designed tiny house on wheels, Sophia and Henry are enjoying Northern Minnesota. This part of the country has a full range of seasons which include long, cold, winters.

Ethan starts with an in-depth discussion about how they are staying warm, keeping their water from freezing in their tiny house.

So if you are considering living a lifestyle in a tiny house in cold country this interview is just what you need to learn what you need.

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In This Episode:

  • The first winter in the Jungbauer tiny house
  • How to keep water from freezing in the Minnesota winter
    Legality in MN
  • How the Jungbauers decided to live tiny and their goals for the future
  • The Jungbauers’ response to criticism of the tiny house movement
  • Tips for examining cultural influences
  • Plans vs Reality: working on the tiny house in the winter and the dark

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