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Sean Burke and Designing Beyond Right Now

Bento Studio

Ethan says that the first time he met Sean he was busy sketching tiny houses in a sketchbook at a tiny house conference.

Ethan is excited to finally have him on the podcast these many years later.

Sean is a active member of Ethan’s tiny house community called Tiny House Engage where he does monthly design reviews for members.

Sean is a professional architect and in this podcast they discuss Sean’s design philosophies and the tiny homes he designed. They also discuss tiny house affordability in 2021 and beyond, and where you can go wrong with tiny houses.

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In This Episode:

  • Resilient design goes beyond sustainability
  • Thinking about the future while planning your tiny house
  • Sean’s own design, the Bento Studio
  • Can you build affordably without sacrificing quality?
  • The ups and downs of CLTs

Links and Resources:


Bento Studio Plans

Sean’s Bento Studio plans

Bento Studio's kitchen

The Bento Studio’s kitchen boasts 10 feet of counter space!

Futon in great room

Sean designed the pullout futon for his great room


The workstation looks like something out of a sci-fi film!

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