Quack, Roar, Bark, and Baaaahhhhh – with Stephanie Arne and Tim Davison

Everywhere you look, nowadays, there is a tiny house! In addition to their cute-as-a-KITTEN looks, their somewhat recent rise to stardom causes a BUZZ wherever they go! So much so that more than just simple-life-enthusiasts are now joining the HERD. Now, even the ANIMALS are starting to get in on the action…..well…….the Creative ANIMAL Foundation that is. Even if the only animal you love is your DOG or BIRD, you should listen in to this week’s interview with Stephanie and Tim, the passionate duo who is using their tiny house on wheels to promote animal welfare, and spread awareness about what us human-animals can do to save them and protect their environment. And, Stephanie knows a thing or two about ANIMALS. As a seasoned WILDLIFE educator and the Host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, Stephanie knows first-hand about non-sustainable human practices and how they impact ecosystems and the species they support. Also joining the PACK this week is Tim; a WILDLIFE artist, educator, and filmmaker; who’s gained plenty of experience as an “on-the-road” speaker long before hitting the sustainability trail with The Creative ANIMAL Tour. In addition to working with zoos, he’s crisscrossed the United States accompanied by wild-ANIMAL ambassadors and spoke to over a million people while giving conservation-based programs at SCHOOLS nationwide. From our FISH friends to our FEATHERED ones, they need our help. So don’t SLITHER away, this week’s interview is a real HOOT!


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