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October 17, 2019

PodCast – Organizing A Tiny House Festival

Miranda Aisling has been on the podcast before but is here to update us on an event this is upcoming. The Big Massachusetts Tiny House Festival. She explains her plans to turn an unused public building in Beverly, MA into a new community art hotel.

She also shares an interesting fact on what to do when you have mice living in your tiny house walls.

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In This Episode:

  • What’s the most challenging thing about living tiny?
  • Mice in your tiny house?
  • What’s new in the tiny house movement?
  • Living tiny in Massachusetts
  • How the Big Mass Tiny House Festival is starting conversations with zoning officials
  • The 5th annual Big Mass Tiny House Festival: How has it changed and who will be there?
  • Who should go to the Big Mass Tiny House Festival?
  • Miranda’s Community Art Tiny House Hotel

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