One Photographers Not-So-Tiny Dream ~ with Mandy Lea

The Podcast Crew is lucky. We’re lucky that we get to meet, and interview, and promote people who are re-defining the American Dream. We’re lucky that we get to inspire our listeners with the stories of creative and amazing people who have taken control of their lives, who define success on their own terms, and who shun other’s ideas of what “normal” is. And, our teardrop travelling guest this week is no exception. After a long bout of depression, Many Lea found the motivation to change her life doing a simple thing that you yourself have, no doubt, also done. What was it? What inspired her to change her life from that of a bored retail employee, to a brave and creative adventurer? If you’ve had the opportunity to attend one of the recent tiny house festivals you have likely seen her; leather strapped with two cameras, looking for an opportunity to capture this unique movement in living color. If you’ve spent much time on social media, searching for tiny houses, you have no doubt seen her images. Aside from her contribution to the tiny house movement, however; she is also an avid climber, simple life advocate, and lover of all things travel related. This week’s episode is special, as is Mandy, and reminds us once again that life is what you make it and our memories are the best images of who we are, and how we got there.

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