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My Builder Forgot My Furnace

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Megan Lockhart doesn’t try to hide the things that are struggles for her and her family and she’s also great about advocating for the benefits of tiny living.

Megan talks about the pros and cons, trials and tribulations, and the immense benefit Megan feels she and her family get from the tiny house lifestyle.

Megan shares how her builder forgot to install the furnace in her tiny house and how it wreaked havoc in their first winter!

Inspired by her belief that living tiny doesn’t have to mean living small.

Megan sold everything in 2021 and now resides in a tiny home with her partner Neil, 11-year-old daughter, 8-year-old son & two dogs.

Megan lives a much simpler life and runs her business full-time from the tiny house on the side of a mountain. Megan lives on 40 acres in Golden British Columbia.

Megan has been featured on reputable shows like The Insider, Go Solo, Dwell, and Tiny House Ideas among others. She’s passionate about showing others that they can make HUGE changes – including leaving the expectations of mainstream suburban life.

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In This Episode:

  • Questions you should ask about your tiny home
  • The never-ending process of tidying up
  • Pros and cons of compost toilets
  • Creating more spaces for children
  • Tips for working from home in a tiny house
  • How did the builder forget to install her furnace?

Links and Resources:

tiny house yard

It was her Airbnb before they moved in full-time

covered portch

Megan believes that living tiny doesn’t have to mean living small


There are two lofts so each child has their own room

mini split

The mini split heats and cools

downstairs bedroom

The downstairs bedroom has a queen mattress and an ensuite bathroom

beautiful view

Such a breathtaking view!

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