Music, Travel, and Tiny Houses with Coles Whalen

For so many, tiny houses are more than just a home; they’re a tool that allows their occupants to live a fulfilled and creative life. This week we’re chatting with Coles Whalen, who is instead using her love of tiny houses to support her true passion; music. If you have attended the Tiny House Jamboree in years past, or one the Tiny House Living Festivals this year, you have no doubt met this Colorado native who is now enjoying riding the tiny-house wave of popularity. Armed with experience as an event coordinator, and connected in the industry like few others are, Coles is a force to be reckoned with. She has been, and remains, front and center, continuing to push the notion that tiny houses and schoolies and van conversions are more than just four-wheels-to-call-your-own.

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