Money’s Easy to Make with Dylan Megaster

As I sit, writing this, Dylan Megaster is sitting on a mountainside filming yet another video of a tiny house builder and occupant; documenting their story of why they’ve gone tiny and what’s next for their life. If you love stories about tenacity and optimism fueled by youth, tune in this week to hear how this young YouTube sensation proves once again that there cannot be failure if one only fails to stop trying. We were lucky to catch our guest this week while he was in town for a recent festival and there, even the downpours didn’t stop his fans from clustering under tents to be inspired by his independence and creative vision. What this 24 year old lacks in experience, he more than makes up for in quiet pursuit of a career unencumbered by traditional norms. Watch and listen closely because, no doubt, you’ll be someday thinking that you’ve seen and heard this SUPER STAR somewhere before!

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