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Michelle Jones on Living Tiny in 84 Square Feet for 11 Years

Ethan talks to Michelle Jones who has been living in a tiny much longer than many of us have even known about them.

Michelle with the help of Dee Williams and her company PAD built her tiny house over 11 years ago.

Michelle has been living quietly in Portland, Oregon in people’s backyards.

Tiny living has helped to guide and inspire her unconventional career choices.

In this interview, Michelle reflects on living tiny for 11 years and shares some of the unexpected things she has learned along the way.

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In This Episode:

  • Living tiny before it was a thing: Michelle’s instincts, journey, and “aha” moments
  • Is there room for a relationship in a tiny home?
  • Getting to know your tiny house and preparing for the different outcomes of difficult situations
  • Setting up systems for your environment and the importance of redundancy
  • How living tiny helped Michelle realize and pursue her purpose
  • Building your house out of materials that are meaningful to you
  • Staying tiny for 11 years: how to keep from accumulating too much
  • When living tiny helps you connect with and depend on your community
  • What the Wayfinding Academy does differently than most institutions of higher learning
  • Michelle’s tips for finding tiny house parking

Links and Resources:

84 square feet is enough for the family

Lots of natural light in the morning

A small workspace so Michelle could work from home

Michelle’s everyday china was her grandmother’s

A painting from an inherited collection

The cat sits on its throne

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