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Michael Bartz and Tiny Houses versus Climate Change

tiny house in the woods

This week Ethan talks with Michael Bartz about tiny houses, environmentalism, and climate change.

At the time Michael started to build his own tiny house it set him on the path of thinking more about climate change and also inspired him to start a podcast called In Over My Head. Ethan and Michael discuss his tiny house and the special features he has built into it and much more.

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In This Episode:

  • Tiny house, big impact
  • From trailer to hinges, Michael’s tiny home is truly custom
  • How they found parking (It starts with relationships)
  • Tips to lower your environmental impact
  • Is off-grid really more environmentally friendly?

Links and Resources:

Off-grid is best where Michael lives – but the same may not be true for everyone!

Almost every bit of his house is custom made

The bathroom is elevated to allow for storage below

The living room doubles as an office

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