Making Difficult Decisions with Ethan Waldman

It was bound to happen. Michelle traveled to Tiny House Summer Camp in Vermont and met a few new friends? Say it ain’t so!? And, since she was there “on assignment” the podcast crew was pretty happy that she came back with more than just a few souvenirs. This week we’re interviewing Ethan Waldman, a cool and funny speaker at that now infamous backwoods event (and many other events) and a pioneer in the tiny house movement. Even if you’ve never met him, however, you most certainly know about his very famous e-book “Tiny House Decisions”. In it, he not only explains all of the various “decisions” and options a tiny house builder faces, but which ones he chose, and (surprising to us) which ones’ he regrets. We can’t imagine tiny living in the frigid temperatures of Vermont in Winter but he not only does, he teaches others how to! Ear candy is a given, this week, when you listen to Ethan tell us how he balances tiny country life, condo city life, working from home, and all about his latest life addition; his adoring wife. Awwww….. We really do love a good tiny house story with such a happy and romantic twist.

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We love our guests. We really do.”

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