Living Tiny Down Under – with Darren and Lisa

It’s not often that we get to interview tiny house enthusiasts on other continents, so this week we’re THRILLED to feature two very influential and dedicated individuals from Down Under; Darren and Lisa from Tiny Houses Australia. Even Michelle is a little jealous of the following these two have amassed since they ventured onto the tiny house scene. We think that ANY story told with an Australian accent is fun to listen to and this one is no exception. Listen in this week while we discuss relationships in tiny spaces, the unique challenges of building and living in tiny houses in Australia, as well as some common themes heard no matter what country you’re parking in. They may not have all the TV shows we do, or the Festivals and Jamborees and Conferences that we do, but they’ve got the same real estate and zoning challenges we have here in the US and are enthusiastically facing them with the same change-is-good attitude.

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