Living Off-Grid in Hawaii: Zeena’s DIY Gooseneck Tiny Home for Three

Zeena Podcast

What do you do when you can’t afford to buy a house in the place you grew up? My guest Zeena Fontanilla and her husband built a DIY Gooseneck Tiny House and now live completely off-grid and mortgage free.

Zeena, her husband Shane and 17 month old son Maverick live in a 360 square foot tiny house. This DIY family designed and built their dream home in a small package to beat the expensive housing market in Hawaii.

In This Episode:

  • Why a tiny house was Zeena’s only option for living where she grew up
  • Are tiny homes legal in Hawaii?
  • How and why you would build your own tiny house trailer
  • How long does it take to build your own tiny house trailer?
  • How a gooseneck design helped Zeena and her husband transition to adding a third resident (Maverick) in the tiny house
  • How Zeena found land to park her tiny house on Maui
  • How Zeena and her husband built their own fresh-water catchment tank
  • Living on solar power in Hawaii

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