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March 12, 2020

Living Contented as a Family of 7 in a Skoolie – The Reality

Rob Schannep of Contented Nomads lives in a Skoolie with his wife, five kids, plus a dog. They have been doing this for the last four years and have learned a lot about living tiny during this time.

Learn what it is like to live in a converted bus with a big family and enjoy it. You will also learn the costs of and how a family functions in a small space and is still content.

Sit down and enjoy Ethan and Rob in today’s podcast.

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In This Episode:

  • The rhythm of skoolie life: how the Schanneps travel
  • Deciding on the right size for your skoolie
  • Building challenges specific to buses
  • Are buses expensive to fix?
  • Be prepared and park smartly
  • Balancing privacy, home life, work, and all the different personalities in the bus
  • Benefits of making friends on the road and how to build those relationships

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