Living Always Tiny, Always Minimal With Vina Lustado

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So many of us have many fond memories of a “simpler time” and Vina is no exception. She remembers her Grandparent’s coconut farm in the Philippines and those memories have shaped the simple way of life she now embodies. Dissatisfied with her job, and in an attempt to capture her philosophy around sustainability in her everyday life, she threw caution to the wind and started her own business, Sol Haus Design. Driven by a desire to maximize functionality with limited space she designed and then built her tiny house in 2013, married shortly thereafter, and now lives her version of a dream life on acreage in California. In this episode, listen in while we talk about her unconventional “neighbor”, their differences, their similarities, and their future. Regardless of the window, every one of hers features a lovely and woodsy outdoor view, and we can’t think of a more perfect setting in which to build an amazing life.

See cliff notes and more photos here.

Vina Lustado

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