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Leslie Halleck and Tiny Houses with Tiny Plants

Discover the Joys of Growing and Collecting Itty Bitty Houseplants” a book written by Leslie Halleck caught Ethan’s attention and he reached out to talk to her on his weekly podcast.

Ethan wanted to talk about plants and how they fit into tiny house living. Leslie is a super outgoing and knowledgeable person and it was fun to share this conversation.

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In This Episode:

  • The difference between tiny plants and plants that are kept small
  • Where does one find tiny plants?
  • What if you don’t have a surface to put a potted plant on?
  • Creative DIY and repurposed vessels
  • The best plants for people on the move
  • Disturbing trends and how to find ethically sourced plants
  • Tiny edible plants you can grow in a small space
  • Sustainably support your plant habit with plant swaps

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