Learning Again, with Zane Fischer, That Life is Too Short For Fear

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Most people look at a parking lot and cringe. Our guest this week, Zane Fischer from Extra Ordinary Structures, looks at them and thinks to himself “how cozy!” He has perfected a construction method consisting of forcing dirt and sand and a bit of concrete into a very wide exterior wall form, aka “rammed earth”. And this has led him to appreciate modern and minimalistic aesthetics, even parking lots.  But in direct contrast, it was his high tech of way of building a tiny house on the TV show “Tiny House, Big Living” that caught our eye. We were truly fascinated during this week’s chat where we had the opportunity to hear about how he uses a CNC machine to cut prefab walls for small structures that you can then “fill” with the insulation of your choice. They’re like ice cream sandwiches, and the ice cream flavor is your choice! We like ice cream. And, we like Zane. So, we think you’ll enjoy hearing about this revolutionary way of building tiny houses from the Creator himself.

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Zane Fischer

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