Ladies and Gentlemen…The One…The Only…Pete Nelson!

If you’re a fan of the TV show “Tree House Masters” or you fondly recall your childhood days hoarding scrap pieces of lumber to build a fort or a tree house, you’ll be almost as enamored with our guest this week as Michelle is. Pete Nelson is the proud and ecstatic patriarch of a treetop dwelling empire of craftsmen and family members who have built over 300 tree houses; and they’re not stopping there! In fact we’re pretty sure that he doesn’t even seem to know the meaning of the word “STOP”. Case in Point: This week he took time off of TWO simultaneous builds to chat with us about his inspiration, his dedication, and lifelong pursuit of design perfection in the tree house industry. No more nailing 2×6’s to trees, his floating tiny houses sit atop pretty impressive pieces of technological genius. If you’ve ever wanted to be inspired by a tiny house that’s 30 feet above ground and welcomes squirrels as neighbors, we dedicate this show to YOU! And, Pete, if you’re reading this. Thank you, again, and a million times. We are thankful and inspired and entertained and all want to be just like you when we grow up. If we ever grow up that is.. #inspiredbypeterpan

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