Kevin Cavenaugh King of Sandy: Hookers and Cocaine

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Kevin Cavenaugh is a locally famous builder. He’s soon going to be even more famous. His developments, which have become more unique, more successful and more innovative, have caught attention of other developers, the media and investors. Kevin’s latest development ideas are taking aim at solving the housing crisis in America. He’s not alone, as previous Tiny House Guests are doing the same. But Kevin’s approach is one of the most interesting ideas we’ve seen in awhile. And he has millions behind him. Will it work? We think so. Take a listen.

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Darryl Labens - May 10, 2016 Reply

I’m having trouble finding some affordable Tiny Home builders in TX. Any suggestions?

    Rod T Shelton - May 11, 2016 Reply

    Shelton Construction 254-681-9815 located in central Texas. I would like an oppertunity to bid on your project.

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