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May 14, 2020

Jennifer Fuist Hoarder to Tiny House Dweller

Are you a hoarder and your friends and family are always giving you a bad time? In this episode Ethan interviews Jennifer Fuist a former hoarder who eventually sold over 4,000 on Facebook when she decided to go tiny and move into a tiny house.

Jennifer shares how she approaches owning things in her new reality. Plus, her tips on how to learn to let go of your stuff.

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In This Episode:

  • Therapy helped Jennifer stop hoarding?.
  • How she sold her things on Facebook for fair prices
  • Where did she start with downsizing?
  • Tips for staying de-cluttered
  • How to lower the price for your campground parking spot
  • Tips for staying warm in winter without breaking the bank
  • Making videos about really living in a tiny house
  • Living tiny with cats: Jennifer’s cat set-up

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