Hugging Trees and Editing Lives with Graham Hill

What started as a tiny apartment experiment in 2009 turned into the internet explosion that is now TreeHugger and LifeEdited. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have no doubt been impressed and influenced by the ideas, architecture, products and tips from this week’s guest. Spurred on by the same economic and environmental issues as the tiny house movement has been, the concepts of living simply have gained impressive traction in the mainstream press, leaving product manufacturers, architects, and builders; stunned and scrambling to catch up. Even if you can afford a 10,000 square foot mansion with a view, should you? Life is about so much more than what we have and Graham Hill embodies this concept in everything he does. You will truly miss out if you don’t tune in to this rare interview with a true King of All Things Edited. So stop what you’re doing, listen in; and be inspired by his vision, his story, his travels, and his energy.

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