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How and Why an Airstream Makes a Great Tiny House

1957 Airstream

Kate Oliver talks with Ethan about how she originally started with a DIY Airstream renovation which later led to her business.

Most people are familiar with the iconic silver trailers of the 1950s. They have in recent years become very popular to renovate and either use as homes or as an Airbnb use home.

Kate is the author of the new book The Modern Caravan which I had the opportunity to check out this last week while visiting in Portland. It is filled with stories of people who have converted Airstreams and live in them, plus beautiful photographs.

In this podcast Kate shares great advice and tips for you to take on this challenge too.

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  • Renovation challenges: curved walls and wheels
  • What is a shell-off renovation (and why do you want one)?
  • How durable is an Airstream?
  • Shopping for an Airstream? Remember this advice
  • Our opinions on the future of the nomad trend

Links and Resources:

Kate Oliver

Kate Oliver

Interior Airstream

Kate loves using bender board plywood to warm up the interior

curves of an airstream

The curvature of an Airstream’s walls provided some great opportunities for ingenuity

painted walls

Most renovation projects are painted original aluminum wall

white walls

Traditional white walls can make the inside feel more spacious

shine of the exterior

Kate loves polishing the outside to a mirror shine

prices going up

The cost of Airstreams has gone up considerably due to their rising poplularity

The Modern Caravan

The Modern Caravan showcases nomads and their stories

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