Homesteading, Afro Latina Style, with Bonnielee and her Rooster

We first met Bonnielee at the Tiny House Jamboree and were pretty happy that she set aside some time this week to chat with us about her own personal journey to tiny house living with her son in the mountains of Tennessee. Armed with a journalism degree, a particularly keen sense of fashion, and an eye for beauty; she finally found her peace and place on 15 acres far from where her adult journey began. After growing tired of the fast pace of New York City and a life changing divorce, she found solace and inspiration in an unexpected spot. Her love of animals and the outdoors is what drives her and we love her creative advice on how others might follow in her homesteading footsteps. We know you’ll be inspired by her story AND her Rooster’s insistence that he really should have been the star of this week’s interview. Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!



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