Getting Squared With A New Tiny Builder

Super-green and sustainable builder Zerosquared is one of the newest tiny house builders. Their first product, the Aurora, caused a stir with two bump-outs, SIP construction and other energy-efficient designs. We talked with Zerosquared principal Scott Wilson and his journey into the tiny house community, including an 18-month stint he and his wife spent traveling the US in a towable RV. Scott explained his company’s build philosophy, their unique, award-winning design and how they see their product design fitting nicely between the DIY-er desiring the ultimate in a tiny house and the more mass-market consumer who may not want to build their own tiny, but still wants to take advantage of opportunities going tiny allows. Take a listen.

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Jane Richmond - April 5, 2018 Reply

This is really a unique and beautiful design, I am sure there would be more interesting ones coming from their stable soon.

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