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October 25, 2018

Gettin’ Nostalgic with Mike and Shannon

This show, one of our latest after a long hiatus (hey, that rhymed), started clunky. But then Mike and Shannon started talking about their 10-year love affair with a Polaris 42 –– a speedy rustic, traditional sailboat they intended in sailing the world on…but ended up living in, tied to the dock, for 10 years. AAARRRG. While they didn’t fulfil their long-held dream (which still festers unfulfilled below the surface), they did benefit from wonderful small-space living epiphanies, epiphanies which still hang with them today. They say everyone has fun until someone gets hurt. That’s exactly what happened with Mike, when one day, up atop the boat’s mast, he fell…as far down as the boat is long. We’ll leave the rest of the story for your listening pleasure.

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