Gert, the Yurt, and a Grrl – With Kari Cooper

One of the best parts of attending the various tiny house events that occur, almost every weekend, is meeting all of the amazing people that make up this inspiring movement. And, Kari Cooper, certainly fits that bill. This fun and inspiring woman found peace, not in a tiny house, but in a yurt. Her mobile yurt, named “Gert”, came to her as a wedding present but keeps on giving; not only to her but to all who enter. At times, immobilized by health issues, her story echoes what we hear from so many of our listeners. They want a simpler life, a smaller life, a tribe on which to lean, a fun story to tell, a friend on whom to call, and a space to call one’s own. The strength of this tiny woman, the story of her creative journey, and her irreverent approach to life keeps her moving. And, maybe, her story might be the inspiration you need to make the next move towards the tiny life of your dreams too! You Go GRRL!


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