The Evolution of Kasita ~ with Jeff Wilson

Remember the guy who sat by the side of the road, clipping his nails, during our podcast interview? Remember the guy who lived in a dumpster for a year and is actually proud to call himself “Professor Dumpster”? We certainly do and following our first interview with Jeff Wilson, he invited us to “look him up” if we were ever in Austin, Texas. So, Michelle did. And, following her recent visit, she knew she must invite him back to tell the next chapter of the story that is Kasita. Whatever happened to his vision, to his original ideas? Admittedly, Michelle isn’t a high tech junkie, but after having stayed in a tiny house outfitted with the best technology money can buy, she might just convert. How well did the technology contribute to her comfy home away from home? And, what’s next for Jeff and his company that, by comparison, appears to be all grown up now? Tune in this week to find out! Or, better yet, invest in his vision! (I know he won’t mind the shameless plug.)

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