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Ethan on Tiny Home Renovations

Tiny House Renovations

This is the second episode of interviews with Ethan Waldman. This time with House Maven Katharine MacPhail on her show,

Ethan and Katharine discuss tiny house renovations and this podcast will help ease the fears of planning a renovation.

This podcast is both entertaining and educational.


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In This Episode:

  • A tiny home build can be more challenging than a traditional home
  • Why would you need to renovate a house so small?
  • Does a tiny house fall apart when it’s moved?
  • Appendix Q: what it is and why it’s needed?
  • Tiny home trends
  • Would it really be cheaper to buy a used tiny house and renovate it?

Links and Resources:

Ethan's entry way

Building a tiny home can be more difficult than a larger home

Tiny House Storage

Most tiny houses have clever storage places

tiny house in snow

You must consider your climate when building your tiny home

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