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August 3, 2017

Enjoying The Green, Green, Grass of Home with Byron Denhart

We often find that when we take time to walk, to talk, to listen, and to quietly contemplate our future; it’s easier to envision it. And this week our guest, Byron with Switchgrass Tiny Homes, proves our theory. And, although this tiny house builder’s plan started out quietly enough, with the recent addition of a son; his life hasn’t been quiet since. If you have been out and about at the tiny house festivals East of the Mississippi you have, no doubt, seen Byron and his hardworking crew giving tours and inspiring us with their clean designs. Their responsible and responsive approach to customer education, and their flexible approach to design, made an impression on Michelle who recently met Byron at a festival in North Carolina. Afterwards, she wasn’t a bit surprised to learn that the house she fell in love with there, didn’t make it back home. Someone else loved it so much, they bought it! As Byron says on their website: “Going tiny, isn’t just a move; it’s a move that will change your life…” and we couldn’t agree more.


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