Easy Dwellers Built and Delivered with PDX Style ~ with Patrick Quinton

As the tiny house movement grows, so do the opportunities. Tiny houses are now being embraced not only as affordable housing for the masses, but as rolling platforms for corporate brands, and a very impressive source of short term rental income. This week, however, we’ll be discussing a whole new spin in the tiny house concept. If you live in the Portland area, have a large lot, are considering adding an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) but don’t have the patience for dealing with contractors and building your own, you’ll want to tune in for sure! Our guest, Patrick, will be walking us through the basics of the behind the scenes workings of his start up that is devoted to adding easy and affordable housing options. They’ll build an ADU, deliver it to your backyard, manage your tenants, and provide a new source of income. However, even if you don’t live in Portland, we know you’ll be interested in hearing about the progress that is being made, citywide, towards the acceptance and legality of tiny houses and the implications for tiny houses everywhere!


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