Dumpster Epiphanies With Jeff Wilson, Professor Dumpster

This week we visit with Jeff Wilson, aka Professor Dumpster.  It all began when Jeff Wilson, a legit university professor in Texas, decided to simplify his life. Some may think he went too far, ending up living in a typical garbage dumpster. Not homeless, not jobless. By choice. That experience made Jeff a star of sorts. It also may wind up making him rich. For his experienced spawned what may be the first truly disruptive innovation in US housing.

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2 thoughts on “Dumpster Epiphanies With Jeff Wilson, Professor Dumpster”

  1. Where did he get that dumpster?
    And what was the purpose of this ?
    It was not like he went and moved into a dumpster that was being used every day!

  2. It’s interesting that a man was able to simplify his living needs down to the point where living a rather normal life in a waste container was possible. It makes you think about what can be done in terms of alternative living situations for those who actually don’t have a home. Thanks for sharing!


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