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Driving with Style, No CDL Required – with Greg Shields

The tiny house movement attracts people who want to have a more mobile lifestyle. However, as they quickly discover, moving them isn’t as easy as their weight might suggest. It’s not just the weight of the house but the difficult form that prompted Michelle’s move driver to comment “It pulls like a 13-foot high brick”. Our guest this week is, however, actively presenting the tiny house and RV communities with a really impressive option! And, as you’ll learn, no CDL is required and the price point for one of his amazing tow rigs is MUCH cheaper than you’d expect. (Yep! Even cheaper than a new 1 ton Chevy!?) Want to take your Smart Car with you? Or your motorcycles? The sky’s the limit with customization options! Greg is a fun guy, and we LOVE his tube videos. Oh, and ladies, the driver’s seat is reserved for YOU!


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Brian alley - March 2, 2018 Reply

No cdl.
But alot still require class A license.

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