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Dave Denniston on Finding Affordable Land for your Tiny Home

road onto treed land

This episode is for anyone looking for inexpensive raw land. Dave Denniston is a rough land broker. He finds inexpensive land and makes sure it checks out, explains what can be done with it, and finances it with his own money.

In addition to explaining raw land basics, he also highlights some of his favorite tiny-home-friendly counties in the US, and he recommends episodes of his own podcast that will help you find the right land.

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In This Episode:

  • How (and why) they buy land to resell
  • What you need to know when you look for land
  • Who to talk to find out what’s allowed on a piece of property
  • Is land a good investment?
  • Tiny-friendly places that David loves
  • Mohave County, AZ
  • Cibola County, NM
  • Apache County, AZ
  • Park County, CO
  • St Louis County, MN
  • Land Stories podcast episodes you need to hear

Links and Resources:

green land

Creative solutions can help save money on utility installation

land on a lake

Some counties are more tiny-house-friendly than others

raw desert land

Raw land has many possibilities

southwest land

David finds most of his land in the Southwestern United States

waterfall in a creek

His dream plot of land would have a lot of trees and be near water

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