The Cop, The Kids, and Breakfast With Romania Myers

This week, we’re thinking outside the tiny house box again and having a ton of fun chatting with Romania (pronounced Ra-mon-ya) about her 1990 Bluebird home on wheels. What this bus originally lacked in amenities, it more than made up for in affordability. Romania and her husband paid only $100 to put the bus on layaway, and before they could say “all aboard”, this family of 8 was driving towards their dream. Inspired by the tiny houses they saw on HGTV, they immediately recognized the advantages of financial freedom and how having a mobile lifestyle would enable them to fulfill their mission to give back to their community. And, since Romania met her cop-husband on a bus, it seemed to be the perfect way to honor the beginning of their dream. Soon, they’ll be serving breakfast to their neighbors, welcoming all who are in need, and encouraging them to pursue their own dreams, one tiny step at a time.

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