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Chris Strathy and Building an Affordable Off-Grid Hot Tub

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Chris Strathy comes back to Ethan’s podcast to discuss building an affordable off-grid Hot Tub among other things. Such as an underground hobbit house, rehabbing an old log cabin and much more.

Chris enjoys the challenges of being off-grid and has a 15 area old tobacco farmland to put his experiments into practice. He has built a unique home office on stilts, an outdoor kitchen and several water catchment systems to make his off-grid farm uniquely his.

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In This Episode:

  • The Strathy homestead is a permaculture dream
  • What can you salvage from an old farmhouse?
  • The Hobbit House, a-door-able office, and other homestead features
  • How to build your own redneck hot tub
  • Plans for the upcoming house

Links and Resources:


Chris likes to use as many salvaged materials as possible

home office

This home office is absolutely a-door-able!

outdoor kitchen

This outdoor kitchen setup is sweet!


There are 3 springs and a waterfall at the homestead

water catchment

One of the water catchment systems at the homestead


Chris’s homestead sits on 15 acres of old tobacco farmland

hot tub 2.0

The redneck hot tub 2.0 in Yucca Valley, California

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Love your blog!!
We live in a tiny home and love to get new ideas such as this outdoor hot tub!! Very cool, love your entire blog, and we can’t wait to see what else you put out in the future. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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