From Child Actor to Tiny House TV Host ~ with John Weisbarth

There are some who think the television shows that feature tiny houses have “ruined” the tiny house movement, inspiring so many to build bigger than they can afford; or need. In reality, however, the TV shows have done more to mainstream tiny houses than any other medium could. They inspire millions and have given golden opportunities to some of our favorite builders. This week we’re interviewing the man leading the charge on the longest running tiny house TV show, John Weisbarth; Host of Tiny House Nation. If you’re a fan, we know you’ll want to listen in this week to hear him share his story about how he became a child actor, how he developed his passion for sports, when he found his calling, his perspective on tiny houses, and his tear filled appreciation for his wife’s support. We’re glad that he finally got the opportunity to join his fans at the Jamboree in Texas, and we know you’ll be glad to know that this STAR OF THE SHOW is as down to earth as one can possibly get. And if you’re not a fan, you will be now! We were really hoping that the man we see on TV is also a nice guy in “real life” and the Podcast Crew is happy to report…yes…yes he is.

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