Changing Lives, One Teardrop Trailer at a Time with Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett is a craftsman through and through, having roots literally back to the Mayflower. You could almost say he’s kin with Jesus too. Because of the way he lives his life, how he gives unflinchingly to others, and, though he doesn’t like washing feet, he believes things most of us have given up on. “Your best return on investment is through people”: a golden nugget from this master builder who went from remodelling vintage homes to today building teardrop and Shepherd wagons for the tiny traveling nomad. With a crew of three veterans, a wife who uncshools his two kids and his mad skills, Andrew has carved out quite a comfortable little niche for his family, a niche he strongly recommends we all consider as a way of making humanity better than it was when you got here. Check out this week’s podcast. But be prepared to have your life changed.

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Diana Long - May 29, 2018 Reply

How do I find Andrew Bennet, Thanks

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