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Bonnie Vanasse and Tiny Houses on the Water

Ethan’s fascination with houseboats really started when he saw a video tour of Bonnie’s houseboat, the River Den, on the Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel. Ethan has been trying to get her on the show ever since.

As it turns out Bonnie is a talented entrepreneur who has multiple houseboats and unique Airbnb stays.

Ethan and Bonnie go through the ins and outs of what it takes to actually build a floating house on the water.

They also explore the insight into how Bonnie thinks about designing these homes and her philosophy on building.

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In This Episode:

  • Can a boat be a 4-seasons abode?
  • Doing what you love with people you love
  • The River Den: an overview
  • Sometimes you have to tap into your inner pirate
  • Recycled materials and innovation
  • Greywater and toilets on the water

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