Blue. Beautiful. Tiffany. – with Tim Davidson and Sam

If you’ve been on social media lately, you have no doubt already seen our next guest. Or, rather, you have seen their house. The Tiffany is perhaps one of the most viewed tiny houses of all time and her beautiful, sea blue, exterior certainly makes her more memorable than most. But, since she cannot brag for herself we reached out to invite her new occupants, Tim and Sam, to tell us all about where she is now. As you may recall, we originally interviewed her builder, Adam, on the podcast a year ago. And then, a couple of months ago we talked about “her” first hurricane on our insurance-focused-podcast with Martin. (You’d think we were obsessed or something) Ok, maybe “obsessed” is a strong word, so how’s this….. We really APPRECIATE not only the work that has gone into building the 270 sq. ft beauty, but also all the time and creative work that Tim and Sam have put into their blog. How are they dealing with all of Tiffany’s fame? Is she as amazing to live in, as to look at? What’s next for this fun, but camera shy, couple? Curious fans want to know!!!!

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