It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Super House Made of Steel – with Marc McQuain

For some of us, our journey into the world of tiny houses takes many turns. But this week, our guest’s tiny house story begins on the other side of the world. What started as a business venture in the bustling city of Abu Dhabi eventually led this entrepreneur back to Austin Texas where he now builds tiny house frames from cold form steel. Here on the podcast we’ve talked about Pocket Living, and Pocket Neighborhoods; but this week we’re talking about a Pocket Shop. This idea which blends small retail stores, easily and quickly amongst their more bustling cousins, led to the creation of the Volstrukt steel framed tiny house which now leads the way in the super-light-weight-tiny-house race. And, believe it or not, their first showing was right here in Portland, Oregon where their revolutionary creation met with somewhat blank stares from the local tree huggers. Not deterred, they partnered with a couple of tiny house builders to prove their theory and the rest is cold, hard, steely, profitable, and growing history. While you may never consider what it takes to build a tiny house from anything other than what you can buy at the lumber store, this week’s interview teaches us all lessons about perseverance, creative drive, and passion. And those, folks, are the makings of a great tiny house builder; no matter the choice of materials.

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