My Billionaire Neighbors With Ariel McGlothin

Jackson Hole Wyoming is well known as a playground for the rich and famous and the last place on earth you would expect to find a tiny house. But, as our guest this week explains, with enough tenacity you can indeed find the perfect secluded spot for your tiny house, even amongst the most inhospitable of neighbors. (Moose, Wolves, Elk, and Mountain Lions, of course!) Perched on the corner of a 300 acre estate, Ariel’s fully off grid tiny house provides her with the financial freedom to support herself by working part time as a waitress. And when she’s not working, she spends her time perfecting the art of wildlife photography and cooking. But off grid life is not all sunshine and naps. This hard working tiny-house-life-advocate hauls her water, shovels snow for more than a few months a year, and even cuts the wood for her stove. If you’re inspired by stories about women who kick ass, in more ways than one, tune in this week and hear how she does it all, and still has it all.

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Diane - June 8, 2017 Reply

Her photography is breathtaking. Stunning.

And I really love her videos. She’s so generous with info on tiny living.

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