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Angela Barnard and How to Pursue the Tiny House Lifestyle

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Ethan talks today with Angela Barnard about the tiny house mindset and how it can help you start living tiny sooner.

Angela is a tiny house dweller and also a life and career coach. She specializes in helping people change the direction of their lives.

In this episode of the podcast Angela gives us the Be – Act – Have framework. She then explains how to use it to become a tiny dweller. Even if you‘re not living tiny yet!

This episode should be a real inspiration to you.

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In This Episode:

  • You can entertain in your tiny home without feeling cramped
  • Are you doing it backward? Angela’s tips for living intentionally\
  • Which habits set tiny homeowners apart?
  • Becoming who you want to be using the power of your mind
    How Angela financed her tiny home
  • Using your tiny home mindset in other areas of your life
  • What do values have to do with home design?

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