Alan Graham and the Tiny House Gun and Knife Club

Tiny Houses are often offered up as a solution to homelessness. And while the Podcast Crew may have varying opinions on the subject, we can all agree that our guest this week has the best idea we’ve heard yet. No so long ago, Alan Graham left the comfy confines of his Westlake Hills home and took to the streets to hang with the people who inhabit them. It is a routine Graham has had since 2003, when he began hosting “Street Retreats” as part of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, the Austin nonprofit he co-founded in 1998, whose mission is to restore dignity to homeless people through food, clothing, and camaraderie.  But, in all honesty, our favorite contribution of the Mobile Loaves & Fishes organization is the Community First Village. It is a 27-acre community in East Austin that provides affordable, permanent, small houses for the homeless. And, in exchange for modest rent, paid through wages or disability checks, residents have access to features like a medical facility for health screenings, an outdoor movie theater, and, perhaps most importantly, WiFi.  We were inspired and impressed by this unique solution and we know you will be too!  Hey! Alan! Keep up the great work!!

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